The story of Wynwood is about pursuing passion, thinking creatively, differentiating ourselves, elevating others, doing the unexpected, and leading by example.


The story of Wynwood is about pursuing passion, thinking creatively, differentiating ourselves, elevating others, doing the unexpected, and leading by example.


2019 Artists

Buff Monster


Born in Hawaii in 1979, Buff Monster began his prosperous art career making graffiti over two decades ago. In 1997, the young creative moved to Los Angeles, California where he quickly made a name for himself by putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters and stickers across LA. Today he also works on paintings, collectible toys and design projects. Buff Monster’s distinctive style — influenced by black metal music, ice cream and Japanese culture — is dominated by different shades of pink that he associates with confidence and individuality.

Mural: Untitled


Dan Kitchener


Dan Kitchener aka DANK is a British artist whose work has a gritty urban theme, taken from everyday life and the surroundings and environment he experiences daily. In his work he uses a variety of mediums, spray paint, paint markers, stencils and paint for canvases. He also produces a lot of digital paintings and illustrations which again follow similar themes, lonely urban landscapes punctuated by flickering, faulty street lights, high rise flats rising from misty horizons over concrete grey skies.

Mural: The Girl In The Rain


Dasic Fernandez


DASIC Fernandez began his career in street art by graffiti-tagging buildings with the stylized letters of his name. At the University of Chile in Santiago, where he studied architecture, he explored the impact of art on urban spaces while experimenting with content, themes and styles for his own art. DASIC favors street art because it contains the essential quality of providing a space in which he can connect with the public directly.

Mural: All Fighters Go To Heaven


Ernesto Maranje


Ernesto Maranje is a Miami based painter and illustrator who discovered his passion for art at the age of 27. His murals use animal imagery to visualize and create narratives about the importance of preserving the environment. Ernesto’s animals emerge from a bio diverse background of colors, flowers and foliage that reminds us of our connection to nature. The need to be reminded of Nature on a large scale is especially important in these times when so much of our direct relationship with living nature all around us has been largely ignored, with concerning consequences

Mural: Sentries




FAILE is the Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Since its inception in 1999, FAILE has been known for a wide ranging multimedia practice recognizable for its explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. While painting and printmaking remain central to their approach, over the past decade FAILE has adapted its signature mass culture-driven iconography to vast array of materials and techniques, from wooden boxes and window pallets to more traditional canvas, prints, sculptures, stencils, installation, and prayer wheels.

Mural: The Wolf Within




Futura 2000, the pseudonym of Lenny McGurr, is a graffiti artist best known for his abstract approach to street art. Born in New York, he began painting on the subway system as a teenager in the early 1970s, and over the course of his career was associated with the groups 3YB, CIA, FBI, Interpol, and KGB. While other graffiti artists of the 1970s and 1980s focused on lettering, Futura 2000 was unique in his abstract style. More recently, Futura 2000 has transitioned into working as a graphic and commercial artist.

Mural: Untitled


Kelsey Montague


Kelsey Montague is an American mural artist who is known for her wing-inspired artworks on the walls of major cities like New York and Buenos Aires. The New York-based painter, who hails from a family of artists, was quite young when she started painting. The well-travelled muralist, who loves to incorporate her experiences into her work, has emerged as one of the most admired artists on social media.

Mural: The Secret Garden


Kenny Scharf


Kenny Scharf, painter and installation artist, is best known for work inspired by comic books and pop culture. Scharf’s ambition as a professional artist is to maintain the course that he set 30 years ago by establishing his work in the fields of painting, sculpture, and performance. One very important and guiding principle to his work is to reach out beyond the elitist boundaries of fine art and connect to popular culture through his art. Scharf’s personal ambition has always been to live the example.

Mural: MonstroCity


Martha Cooper


Martha Cooper is an American photojournalist born in Baltimore, Maryland. She is best known for documenting the New York City graffiti scene of the 1970s and 1980s. She has documented the Wynwood Walls since 2009, perfectly capturing every historic moment that has happened in this magical space. It is through her lens that every mural at the Wynwood Walls is immortalized.

Mural: Untitled


Michael Vasquez


Michael Vasquez is a Florida artist best known for his vivid paintings that represent the histories, streetwise social codes and mythic nature of a neighborhood street gang. Born in 1983 in St. Petersburg, Florida Vasquez moved to Miami to attend New World School of the Arts, where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2005. The works of artist Michael Vasquez present the viewer with snapshots of urban life from a safe distance.

Mural: Band of Brotherhood


Mina Hamada


Mina Hamada was born in the United States and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her life’s journey then moved her to Barcelona, Spain in 2009, where she met and grew to love the street art scene, diving head first into experimenting with such methods as graffiti and large-scale murals. While painting in public, space gives Mina Hamada inspiration through the communication with her surroundings; in the studio she works self-concentrated on her individual projects and investigates unknown fields of painting from the unconscious and improvisation.

Mural: Untitled


Tats Cru


TATS CRU, founded by Brim, Bio, BG183 and Nicer, is a group of Bronx-based graffiti artists turned professional muralists. Over the last two decades, TATS CRU has produced various advertisements for clients ranging from neighborhood businesses and institutions to large corporations like Coca-Cola and Sony. Best known for their New York City-style memorial murals, “The Mural Kings” have also created artwork for musicians including Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Metallica, Big Pun, Jennifer Lopez, Rick Ross, DJ Kool Herc, Nas and many more.
The current members of TATS CRU are Bio, BG183, Nicer, Crash, HOW and NOSM.

Mural: Untitled


2019 Events

Wynwood Walls begins Art Basel live installations

Sunday, November 24 — Monday, December 2, 2019

Participating artists in Wynwood Walls’ Art Basel Program will start working on their installations. The Wynwood Art District will be open during this time, where spectators will be able to watch these artists in action. Wynwood Walls will then be closed on December 3rd for Art Basel set up and will re-open on December 4th as scheduled.

Goldman Global Arts gallery collectors preview

Friday, November 29, 2019

10 Years of Wynwood Walls group show unveiling.
6 PM — 9 PM | Invitation only

Opening night artist dinner and VIP party

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Goldman Properties and Wynwood Walls kick off Art Basel with the 2019 unveiling of the new installations.
Private event | Invitation only

Kidrobot live artist competition

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Artists will participate in a live painting competition of the famed Kidrobot Munny figures. Each artist will paint their own version and viewers will vote on their favorite.
2 PM — 4 PM | Free, open to public

Artist talk

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Panel discussion with the artists of Wynwood Walls, in the Goldman Global Arts Gallery on Thursday, December 5th.
6:30 PM — 8:30 PM | Free, open to public

Art Basel week

Monday, December 2 — Sunday, December 8, 2019

Wynwood Walls — 10th Anniversary of Wynwood Walls Art Week program
10 AM — 12 AM | Book Official Tours

GGA Gallery group show | 10 Years of Wynwood Walls
10 AM — 12 AM | Free, open to public

Facing the Giant: 3 Decades if Dissent | Presented by GGA Gallery
10 AM — 12 AM | Free, open to public

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