Miami Open Campus Art

The Miami Open, through our partnership with Hard Rock Stadium, tasked us to re-envision what tennis courts should look like in a global entertainment venue. In our quest to elevate the setting, we created canvases to adorn the traditional tennis grandstands and our artists flawlessly executed a vision admired by sports and art fans alike.

“Goldman Global Arts commissioned two international artists to create murals for the grandstand. Fluke, from Montreal, created the mural along the west side of the grandstand. American artist Tavar Zawacki, who now lives in Germany, created the mural Transitions that is on the east side of the grandstand. This compliments the various pieces of street art already in place throughout Hard Rock Stadium.”

— Miami Open

2 international artists
23 days of production
25 gallons of paint
1,078 spray cans
3,820 sq ft of mural space